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Gossip Girl = Life-Envy

August 11, 2011

Gossip Girl is definitely one of my favourite shows (the other being Mad Men. Can you see I choose my fave tv show by the incredible fashion and styling?) Anyway. Watching Gossip Girl is the biggest visual feast. The clothes, the makeup, the hair, oh the hair. It definitely creates massive life-envy. Serena and her amazingly thick, luscious hair. Blair and her ladylike-with-a-fun-twist fashion. Everything is perfect. Really makes me want to up the ante a bit when I roll out of bed in the morning and slap on some blush and mascara! We all need a bit of fash-spiration sometimes, and I find Gossip Girl to be the perfect remedy. Perhaps I should watch it more often?

Amazing. There certainly are no words for these two beauties. How much do they make me  you want to be them want to live inside their wardrobes slash have their wardrobes.  And hello – they not only have these amazing wardrobes and amazing hair (cough, Serena) – they also get to pash Chuck Bass and Nate. Y-U-M.

Okay, here’s another hawt pic for you. But please, let me warn you before you scroll down. It will bring on extreme (and when I say extreme I mean extreeeeeeeme) girl-crush-slash-face-hair-photographicness-envy.

Again, no words. Except want-to-be.

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