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The Dream Team

July 22, 2011

Luckily I was up early this morning. (I’m painting my nails, playing with make up and watching day time TV working from home today). At literally, 7.15am this morning a courier buzzed my doorbell. First off – courier man, what if I was still asleep? I actually was still in my pyjamas. So anyway, this courier man had a nice wee package for me, containing some yummy new Lush products. What I have affectionately called, The Dream Team.

So after pulling myself off the couch and dragging my sorry self to the gym, I came home to try out my new treats! First up, the delicious Dreamwash.

This puppy is a soap disguised as a tub of ice cream. It is yumm-o. Filled to the brim with essential oils and made up of cleanser and rich body moisturiser (win!), it promises to calm, soothe and help your skin retain moisture, as well as regenerating and balancing your skin. After using it though, my skin did feel more ‘squeaky’ than when I use a bodywash – but bear in mind this is a soap.  I freak out a little when I see it contains tea tree oil – not sure if I’m severely allergic or not (moving countries + stressing out + skin break out + dotting-said-breakout-with-tea-tree-because-Miranda-Kerr-does-it = massive skin rash needing antibiotics. on my FACE.)

Anyway. Since then I have been very cautious about using any products containing tea tree oil. But I figure it’s towards the bottom of the ingredients list in this Dreamwash, and I’m going to be washing it off my skin anyway – I’m in the shower.

Out of 10? 8. Smells yummy, cute packaging, natural ingredients – but the squeak puts me off a touch.

Next up is the Dream Cream. 

Okay so I’ve recently become a moisturise-religiously-after-showers kind of gal. (I know what you’re thinking – you’re wondering why I wasn’t doing this before right? I know! Me too!) Well I wasn’t. But I do now. My only rule is that the product I use must be natural and not contain any nasty chemicals and ingredients, because I’m slathering this all over my body so I don’t want to be ingesting anything artificial. And the Dream Cream gives me just that.

Oh wait. Tea tree oil. (major-freak-out!! I-want-to-use-this-because-it-smells-so-yummy-but-i’m-scared-what-if-my-whole-body-explodes??) But, I figure, for the point of research I must try this out. (And if I come up in a hideous rash or start burning or itching terribly I will remove immediately.) (And a few hours later I’m starting to think maybe I’m not as allergic to tea tree as I thought?) But that’s besides the point. Point = The Dream Cream. A-MAZING. Rubs in and absorbs quickly. Smells yummy. And hours later my skin still feels so-o-o-o soft. Love.

Out of 10? 9.5. That’s how much I love it. And you will too.

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  1. Steve permalink
    July 31, 2011 1:01 am

    Love the new format xx

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