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Things I’ve Eaten Lately…

July 7, 2011

I have a confession to make. I know I haven’t been hanging around this place nearly enough lately. There’s a reason. And it’s not that I’m bored of you, or I have another place I like to hang around. It’s because I have a unhealthy normal addiction to Masterchef. I can’t stop repeating Billy’s catch phrase, “Best in Shoooow”; I’m sad since the demise of Kumar, and I feel the countries frustrations with Sun.

So yes, Masterchef has seen the unravelling of my blogging. But come on people, it’s on every night. That’s not normal. Or healthy. Especially when it’s almost impossible to watch the show without wanting needing to eat something.

As previously mentioned around these parts, I do think of myself as quite the amateur cook. Ummmm not-since-watching-masterchef.

But, over the past couple of months I have been cooking, and eating, and cooking some more – and I’ve been taking pictures of particularly lovely looking food. I thought I could share that with you, and perhaps a couple of my not Masterchef-worthy recipes!

This should come with a warning: visual feast ahead!

(And if you’re anything like George Calombaris, you may start to “salivate”)

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And what better way to start in than with a light and fluffy croissant with butter and jam? (There was more than likely a cup of tea alongside this too.) Really I took the picture because I fell in love instantly with the super cute miniature jar of jam!

Let’s just pretend I had a coffee with my croissant. (Even though we know I wouldn’t do that). But say I’m just so suave and European that day I felt like coffee and a croissant. And of course a mini chocolate! It seems I spend my days drinking coffee inside cafes and making full use of the free wifi. If only.

Now this is something that I actually did make. It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe, which I watched him make on his show Thirty Minute Meals. (If you haven’t seen this, I recommend checking it out. It is brilliant.) Except on his website I couldn’t find the 30 minute recipe (and I’m not exactly one to follow recipes anyway). But I followed his basic gist – the oven grilled mushrooms on top are definitely Jamie’s idea. And they add an entire new dimension to risotto. In perfecting my own version of this recipe I have since added peas, which I find give another nice texture and a touch of sweetness. Here’s a recipe for you if you’d like to give it a go.

What you need (serves 2 – plus gives great leftovers for the next day):

1 cup arborio rice

2 cups chicken stock

1 onion diced

couple cloves of garlic sliced

a few mushrooms – some chopped roughly and the rest finely sliced



parmesan cheese

salt and pepper

diced celery


olive oil

What to do:

first get your mushrooms that you’re going to grill ready. Put your oven onto about 180 degrees. chop up the mushrooms into all different sizes and shapes (this means some will cook more and get a nice burnt kind of taste – I overcooked them once and thought they were ruined. turned out the bf loved them as he said they tasted like bacon! right-o.) put these in a baking dish with some chopped up garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper and parsley (not too much salt, that was also my first mistake first time round). chuck these in the oven for about 15 minutes.

now, in your pan, put some oil and fry your onions with a touch of salt for about 2 minutes. then add your celery and garlic for another couple of minutes, and then add your mushrooms. (that’s not all mushrooms cooking). season with salt and pepper and maybe a bit more parsley. Now add your rice and fry off a couple of minutes, until it goes slightly see-through. Now you want to add your chicken stock, in about 4 or 5 goes. You want your rice to be boiling pretty much the whole time, and you need to keep stirring it every few minutes. just keep adding stock until the rice is nice and soft and creamy. Once you’ve got it at the right texture add a nob of butter and about 3/4 of your parmesan cheese, and more fresh parsley. Yummo!

Dish it up on the plate, and sprinkle your baked mushrooms on top. Also put on some more fresh parsley and parmesan.

This dish is the perfect Monday-night-watching-Masterchef dinner. I promise.

Now this is another meal that I actually did cook. (Well, there’s a small chance the BF cooked it, but I’ll claim it as my own. Either way the recipe below will get you a delicious pasta dish).

What you’ll need (I’m sorry, as I’m not one for recipes I’m definitely not one for measurements. Go on, test yourself…):

rigatoni pasta

tinned tomatoes








olive oil

What you do:

cook the rigatoni (duh). For the sauce really you just need to combine all the above ingredients in a pan in this order: olive oil, garlic, chilli, anchovies, tomatoes, parsley/olives. season with some salt, pepper and sugar to taste. simmer this sauce for about 15 minutes, until your tomatoes are a nice sticky-ish texture – not straight-out-of-the-can-tomatoes anymore. when you’re happy with the texture and taste of your sauce, chuck in the rigatoni. Now for the extra dash of deliciousness. Mix through grated parmesan cheese and a nob of butter (very devilish, I know, but it tastes amazing. This is not to be consumed every night).

Et Voila! You should have a delicious and beautiful and EASY pasta dish. Yummm.

Last but not least, some dessert. Three little chocolates sitting in a row. (Yes, the third one does have a nibble taken out of it. It was a mouse. I swear.) Unfortunately, didn’t make these. But yummm. Makes me want chocolate. Now.

JUST KIDDING! How could I finish a post titled things-i’ve-eaten-lately and not include a cup of tea? (Technically yes I drink tea, not eat it, but that’s just a technicality). Not sure why there isn’t milk in my tea here. I always drink milk in my tea. Must’ve been for the visual effect.

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