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Bambi Lashes

June 26, 2011

I’ve been pining over the idea of long, luscious, lashes for a while now. So I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to get eyelash extensions at a fraction of the regular cost. What’s not to love about the idea of having a pair of Bambi eyes that can get you out of anything? Well, no one told me how much eyelash extensions hurt to have applied (apparently it’s the fumes from the glue – that’s got to be good for you right? Not.) Then there’s the initial shock of ‘holy-hell-i-look-like-a-drag-queen’ every time you look in the mirror (I soon started looking at myself as the new Kardashian sister, however). Oh yea, you also can’t sleep on your side or stomach (because you don’t want to poke yourself in the eye with your new lashes!) and the simple act of a hug or wee smooch from the BF is also near impossible – these lashes are a weapon!!

But, if you can get past all those things, they do look pretty good.


 Now, since I’ve done such a good job selling these to you, if you’re in NZ (Auckland’s North Shore to be exact) and would like to try these bad boys out for yourself, I’d recommend heading to Milford to see the lovely Alice at Daydream Beauty Therapy. Check them out on Facebook and get in touch!

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  1. katie Meek permalink
    June 26, 2011 4:04 pm

    Haha romy to funny …. your eyes do look very lush though my friend x

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