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And I Thought MY Kitchen Ruled…

April 13, 2011

Before I became heavily addicted to discovered My Kitchen Rules, I thought of myself as a cooking superstar not too bad in the kitchen. I even suggested trying our luck at entering the next season to my boyfriend. But, as the season continued, my dream slowly got shattered. My mind boggles at the idea of, not producing such quality dishes, but at actually knowing all these recipes! I mean did you SEE what Sammy, Bella, Kane and Lee all produced in the Grand Final tonight!!?? INCREDIBLE.

I’ve never been a follow-the-recipe-kinda-gal, in fact I almost pride myself on the fact that I don’t use recipes! But, I’ve decided I need to broaden my repertoire a little bit, so I’m setting out to smuggle a few recipes of my own up my sleeves. Here’s my idea. I’m going to buy a cook book, and cook every single recipe out of it – a recipe a day – a la that woman in the Julia Childs movie. I might even blog about my triumphs and woes. And being a vegetarian almost vegetarian, I might come up against a few hurdles. My boyfriend will certainly be happy though!

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