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TED Talks 2011 – A Little Bit Of Inspiration

April 9, 2011

After watching this video, what are your first thoughts? Mine were a combination of: war is such a reactive way of life for people; every single person in the world is as much a person as you and I; and this is what I am trying to do with my blogging!! I often forget that, as much as I love beauty, I find my real inspiration in making a positive change in the planet – no matter how big or small that may be. I am making my contribution.

So, don’t start freaking out on my just yet – I promise to still blog about beauty products, (I have a couple of posts up my sleeve at the moment, one might even get posted tonight, I’m feeling a bit inspired), but I need to remember my focus is actually to make a positive change, and make you smile with everything I write. Because if I can make one person smile, I am doing my bit in raising the positivity of the planet. And I’m sure we all agree that positivity is far more beneficial to everyone than negativity. That awful, nasty little negativity can just get lost, as far as I’m concerned!

And if I do happen to make you smile, I’d love to hear from you. If you think you have something to say that might create a little piece of positivity – share it! Planet Earth certainly needs all the good vibes it can get.

And I think we should all take part in JR’s wish, so visit his website, – and stick your face somewhere for the world to see!

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