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Primer: The Lowdown

April 3, 2011

Before you start reading this article, I need to preface it with a disclaimer: I was sent these products to review.

Now that’s out of the way, sit back, relax, and enjoy your next few minutes of leisurely reading.

Obviously, if you are a reader of my blog, or if you follow me on twitter (@romygrbic if you don’t and you would like to), you know by now I’m a bit of a skin-care freak. But what about when it comes to make-up? I have so much make-up that it makes my make-up artist friend Halie insanely-jealous-yet-delighted-at-the-same-time, especially when she realises that I hardly use it except when she is dollying up my face for me! But I do have a bit of a morning routine (which I actually really enjoy, it’s my new ‘ease-myself-into-the-work-day-stuck-in-traffic-commute’, now that I don’t get stuck in traffic everyday). It’s my morning beauty ritual. I. Love. It. And it involves Primer – my new daytime beauty fetish.

What exactly is primer, you may be wondering? Primer sits below your foundation, and keeps your skin looking glowy, youthful and hydrated all day, as well as helping your foundation stay put. (Another disclaimer, I’ve only just started wearing foundation on a daily basis. I used to be an ‘au natural’ kinda gal, but since becoming a Mad Men addict, I’ve started fantasising about wearing false eyelashes and bright red lippy to work – I’m easing myself into it.)

But back to primer. I have my favourite, which is Auto Pilot from Napoleon Perdis. This is the first primer I tried, and I really, really like it. It makes my skin glow and feel hydrated, and also sinks in quickly so I don’t feel oily or greasy. I’ve been using it for a while now (I think I’ve gone through 3 tubes so far, and nearly need my 4th). So when I received the Creme Glace from Danne Montague King, I was intrigued, and felt a NP vs. DMK review was in order. And here’s my verdict:


Auto Pilot Primer from Napoleon Perdis

Creme Glace by Danne Montague King Cosmetics


*My skin feels hydrated

*My skin glows

*It feels light on my skin

*Can wear it alone just so my skin glows (and I do!)


*This product feels like a heavier base for foundation, and I think would work well if you want to cover lines on your face

*As just mentioned above, this would be better for slightly more mature skin as it acts as a thicker barrier between your skin and your foundation, kind of like a silicone-y mask

My Verdict?

I definitely prefer the NP Auto Pilot, but this could be due to the fact that I’m more about skincare and natural beauty than heavy make-up. I like the fact that I can wear the NP primer without foundation over the top, as this makes my skin feel like it is brighter and more glowy. I did like the DMK primer, but I feel like it could potentially make me look older as it doesn’t feel hydrating at all – it just sits on the surface of my skin.

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