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Happy Feet

December 2, 2010

It’s that time of year again. And even though the weather has been absolutely in-sane in Melbourne the last few days (can anyone say 4 seasons in 4 minutes?) the season for thongs (or jandals, as I know them) is upon us. And that means but one thing. Your feet need to be looking good, ladies.

So what have I gone and done for you? Well, found you a nice little treat for your feet of course! No more dry, scratchy heels. Yuck, no thank you. I’m giving you a not-so-subtle hint, to scrub, rub and moisturise your feet to oblivion. And then get a nice paint job, obviously. Because nobody wants to look like they need to visit the blacksmith rather than the local beautician. So get scrubbing, and dry these delightful foot-loving scrubs and creams from The Shoe Mistress out for size (excuse the pun, I couldn’t help it).

Start off with a good scrub. To be quite frank, in my opinion, this scrub is not quite ‘scrubby’ enough for ones feet. It’s a bit fluffy, when really you want something gritty, tough and no-holds-barred when ridding your feet of a winters worth of tough love.

I first discovered this balm after a looooong day’s work, when my feet were particularly tired and sore. It is great for a good massage. If that’s what you’re into. Which I so am.

Finish off with a heavy handed slather of a nourishing cream. Something pepperminty is always good, as this will eat away at the dry skin you didn’t get with your scrub.

And last but not least, don’t forget a super cute dab of polish on your nails. Colours I’m loving at the moment are deep reds, corals, anything bright. Looks especially great with a tan. For a super awesome faux tan check out my review of the new mousse tans from Pure Tan and ModelCo. Love, love, love.

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