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An Interesting Idea

October 28, 2010

Last night I watched this TED video, which I found on Presentation Zen, and I found it particularly interesting. Essentially what it is saying is that the written word is not a great way to communicate your ideas to the world (sucks a little bit to be me right now), and that if I want anybody to really care about what I communicate on my website, I need to get a little bit more vocal about it!

Now, as much as I love writing, the way I can express exactly what I want to get across, I know that from my own personal experience that I enjoy a website that is a bit more interactive; something with pictures for me to look at rather than a whole lot of words to read. So, thanks Chris Anderson, for shedding some light on this idea for me, because you have inspired me to think a little bit more outside the box, and to create more interesting and visual ways to get my ideas across.

I’ll still write – you can’t stop these fingers from typing at lightning speed – but I’ll do other things as well. Things that are yet to be confirmed. But they will definitely occur right here, so don’t go anywhere!

What do you think of the video? Has it inspired anything in you? Leave me a comment or follow me on twitter and let me know your thoughts and ideas!

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