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How to look Pretty in Pink

September 2, 2010

First published in Trespass Magazine

Big hair. Bold makeup. Big, big, shoulder pads. These were the defining looks of the 80’s. Feel like recreating them for a day? Come on, everybody knows an 80’s themed dress-up party can’t be beaten on the fun scale! So, if you’re feeling adventurous, how about we replicate the look of John Hughes’ many-time leading lady, Molly Ringwald. The girl who somehow pulls off an I-don’t-care attitude with a geek twinge, with just a dash of pouty lips.

Okay, so technically she’s really breaking the ‘either eyes or lips’ rule, but hey, she’s also wearing pink with orange! We’re all about breaking the rules today…

Base: Apply your foundation to clean and moisturised skin. You’ll also need a peachy coloured blush, which you should apply liberally to your cheekbones.

Eyes: You’re going to need a neutral eyeshadow for the entire base, dark brown eyeliner, mascara, dark brown eyeshadow, black eyeshadow, and maybe a splash of blue for good measure.

  1. Cover your entire lid with the neutral eyeshadow.
  2. Take your brown eyeliner, and neatly line your upper eyelid, as close to the lash line as possible.
  3. Take your brown eyeshadow, and cover your entire lid. Then take the black and darken your crease, making a small wing. Then take the blue eyeshadow, preferably with a bit of shimmer, and lightly swish over your lid. (You don’t want to cover the brown and black too much, just give a nice reflect).
  4. Darken your brows slightly by feathering them with the brown eyeliner, then smudging so that they’re blended and won’t rub away if you touch them.
  5. Apply mascara, but not too much. Andie’s not flashing any Betty Boop lashes.

Lips: You’re going to need a burnt orange lippy, and also a lipliner (preferably nude, but if we’re sticking with the theme then maybe a matching colour to your lippy.)

  1. Line your lips with your lipliner, making sure to colour them in as well.
  2. Apply your lipstick.

Hair: This is where it gets fun. Hopefully, you have a rockin’ bob like Andie. If you do, apply hot rollers. Once your hair has set, take them out, flip your head upside down and spray at least a can of hairspray into your hair. Make sure it can’t move. If your hair is longer, try a super-high pony, or a side pony. True sign of an 80’s child there. And don’t forget a scrunchie.

You should be looking grand right about now. Please, go outside and be amazing.

Thank you for your image

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