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Some Scary Air-Brushing

August 30, 2010

Does this image freak you out a little bit? It literally scares me to look at. Jennifer Aniston, no matter how much the media tears her up and scrutinises her love life (or lack thereof, as they’d have us believe) – she always seems to look amazing. I recently saw an ad campaign featuring her, wearing not much more than a pair of leggings and a crop-top. Needless to say that was enough inspiration for me to close the fridge and don a pair of running shoes. (Okay, donning a pair of running shoes is taking it a step too far, I didn’t actually do that.)

But, the above image gives us a big dose of reality, doesn’t it. Realistically, celebrities are actually just people. They’re not super-human, meaning they don’t have the ability to magically ‘stop’ the ageing process. Yes, they have access to the best creams, diets, chefs, nutritionists and more, but they are still real people. And all the airbrushed images we have thrown at us everyday seem to make us forget this very simple fact. Young girls (and older, I’m definitely not immune to these effects) look at these images and believe that this is what beauty is. To be beautiful you must be a size zero, have not a wrinkle in site, big boobs (which really are almost unachievable if you’re a size zero – except to a lucky handful or those who resort to surgery; see celebrities). We are told what perfection is, and are constantly told how we can achieve this (soup diet anyone? Or perhaps a ‘detox diet’ that consists of drinking 2 litres of weird tasting water and laxatives – very effective in the long run).  But when did we become so obsessed with this idea of perfection? Since the media has been constructing it that way for us. I know as well as anybody how hard it is to look through a magazine, and not compare yourself to the stunning images you see on the pages. But we need to remember, these are just images, and people play around with them, changing and retouching and adding and removing, to make them appear ‘perfect’.

I do appreciate it when celebs do a ‘this is me without airbrushing’ picture – and they still always look amazing. But that’s because they know this photoshoot is coming up, so they prepare themselves and go to the greatest extents, to look so amazing that they don’t need airbrushing. (Think Kourtney Kardashian’s second post-baby photoshoot. She was working out twice a day. If you worked out twice a day you would look to-die-for too.) So, the above image of Jennifer Aniston, she obviously knew it would be retouched and airbrushed, to give her her youthful glow – making the public think she actually is still in her twenties. When we really know she’s not.

So, next time you’re flicking through a magazine, or having billboards and advertisements thrown in your face, remember Jen’s slightly creepy smile, and that nobody is perfect.

Thank you for your image

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